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Handy Heater - can it really heat up your space?

Heating Trends, last updated on December 3, 2022

This winter, an interesting small heater has appeared on the market, which should heat your space by simply plugging it into an electrical outlet. Is it worth buying?


Handy Heater - can it really heat up your space?

Mini heater, Fast Heater, Rovus Handy Heater. Those are just some of the names for the new heater that you have surely noticed among the ads on your favorite portals and social networks.

This heater plugs into an electrical outlet and is therefore extremely practical. You can plug it into an outlet next to your desk while you work, or next to the bed in the bedroom. You can even take it with you to the workshop and use it while working in an unheated space.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat, automatic shut-off option and warranty, and the biggest advantage for advertisers is its small size and "unnecessary" cables.

Use in practice

Although this heater is advertised as a heater of exceptional power of 400 W, it must be said that it's not high power. That is, this heater cannot transfer a larger amount of thermal energy into the space. In practice, this means that this heater can heat a space of 2-4 m2 of medium insulated space. Thus, this heater can independently (without a primary heating system) heat a smaller bathroom.

Although the product states that it is possible to heat a room over 20 m2, this will not be possible without a primary heating system (central gas heating, wood heating, air conditioning, etc.). This heater contains a heater element that produces heat energy and a fan that helps distribute heat in the room. Heaters, available in all hardware stores and even supermarkets, work on exactly the same principle. Compared to oil radiators or convector heaters, Rovus Handy Heater as well as heaters contain a fan which will make the heater make less noise. Fan noise won't bother most users. However, after a certain period of use - the fan noise will increase slightly due to the consumption of the bearing material of the rotating part of the fan.

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Is it worth buying?

Although advertisers emphasize that this is the most economical way of heating - it simply is not. This heater will convert exactly as much electricity as it consumes into thermal energy. This rule applies to all electric heaters except storage heaters and air conditioners (heat pumps).

The reason why you may not feel the use of this mini-heater on your bill is precisely because it has less power. Less power also means less heat. Although the price of around $30 is somewhat reasonable considering the purchase price and the costs of procurement, import and distribution, for the same money you can buy a heater, convector heater or oil radiator of much higher nominal power.

For example, you could buy a 2000 W convector heater that will heat a 20 m2 room on its own on cold days, and in case you have primary heating, you can set it to consume only 400 W as well as the mini heater from this text. In other words, any heater will produce a similar thermal effect.

This mini heater is really handy because of its size. When making a purchase decision, take into account the amount of heat energy it can produce and apply it to the space you are in and how much space needs to be heated. You will not be able to heat an unheated room without quality insulation with this heater. You will only heat the narrow space around the heater.