Space Heaters

How to pick the perfect size space heater for your room

Heating Trends, last updated on December 3, 2022

There's an easy trick to calculate the needed size and power of a space heater to make your room warm and cozy.

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How to pick the perfect size space heater for your room

Sizing of space heater

It is essential to buy a space heater that can fulfill the requirement of the entire room. In order to estimate the rating of a space heater, the dimensions must be known of the room. A larger room will require a heater with higher wattage to provide adequate heating, and simultaneously it will consume more energy.

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Determine the size of the space heater

A space heater is roughly determined by the thumb rule of wattage per square foot. It means that for every square foot, approximately 10 wattages are required to heat the room.

Power x 10 = Area in Sq. ft

Suppose, the area of a living room is 200 square feet then a space heater of 2,000 watts will be required. The ceiling height is an important factor when one considers the dimension of the room. If the height of the ceiling exceeds 8 ft., then a space heater with a slightly higher rating is preferred. Typically a factor of 1.25 is added to the equation and the formula becomes Power = Area (sq. ft) x Ceiling height x 1.25.

Different Sized Space Heaters

The space heaters are available in different sizes i.e. 1.5 Watt, 2 Watt, and 5 Watt, etc. The rating of the space heaters suggests the area of the room it will cover. A 1.5 KW heater is used in small rooms, and 2 KW heaters are used in a standard room. Beyond the rating of 2.5 KW are used for large rooms such as living rooms etc.

Space heaters for bedrooms

Typically, conventional heaters are recommended to be used in bedrooms. They radiate heat from the external environment. Conventional heaters are preferred where instant heating is not required. Fan-forced heaters are also used in bedrooms.

Space heaters for living rooms

Infrared space heaters are used and preferred in larger areas such as the living room. They provide instant heating because of infrared technology. They circulate the heat with the flow of air in the room.